Letter from the president

On behalf of the officers and board of directors of Learning Forward Alabama it is my pleasure to say welcome. What Is Learning Forward Alabama? Learning Forward Alabama is an Affiliate of the National Learning Forward and is deeply committed to ensuring success for all students by applying high standards for professional learning for everyone who affects student learning. Learning forward views high-quality professional learning as essential to creating schools in which all students and staff members continually improves their performance. However, Learning Forward, with the contribution of 40 professional associations and education organizations, developed the Standards for Professional Learning. The standards make explicit that the purpose of professional learning is for educators to align, develop the knowledge, skills, practices, and dispositions they need to help students perform at higher levels.

Therefore, you are invited to experience the challenging and rewarding educational opportunities we offer through a variety of professional workshops. We are committed  to provide professional learning opportunities that are focused on preparing educators with the necessary academic and intellectual skills required for the future as well as, practical knowledge and skills that are in high demand in today’s society. Professional Learning Standards are the means by which teachers, administrators, and other staff acquires, enhance, and refine the knowledge, skills, practices, and dispositions necessary to create and support high levels of learning for all students. The purpose of learning Forward Alabama are as follows:

  • To provide leadership roles, professional learning opportunities, and resources to the Alabama State Department of Education and the community in order to increase student achievement through organized professional workshops.
  • To host Annual Instructional Learning Forward Alabama Conferences that focuses on standards, leadership, professional learning, student engagement, and student achievement.
  • To collaborate with the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE), the Regional Education In-service Center Directors of Alabama and school Superintendents for school improvement in providing support to local schools.

In conclusion, Learning Forward Alabama is a wonderful organization that is willing to collaboratively implement the core standards of the schools and school systems with all stakeholders in order to increase student achievement. The professional learning that occurs when these standards are implemented give educators an active role in determining the content of their learning, how their learning takes place, and how they evaluate its effectiveness. Furthermore, the standards give educators the information they need to take leadership roles as advocates for and facilitators of professional learning required for success.

In honor of learning,

Dr. Betty Ann Palmer, President

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