Betty Palmer, PhD

Past President

Technology Coordinator Montgomery County Public Schools

I currently serve as the Technology Coordinator, STIPD Manager, BLT member, school media liaison, and webmaster for Montgomery Public Schools. In this role, I am responsible for teaching all students enrolled in the school, plan and teacher grade-level lesson plans, overseeing all technology equipment for all levels in grades K – 5, planning and implementing technology professional development opportunities for professional and support staff, the district, overseeing and writing the local school technology plan for the federal program and manages several school mandated programs from district and state levels. I manage these varied responsibilities by building, nurturing and sustaining collaborative working relationships with teachers, PLC facilitators, support staff members, board members and administrative colleagues.

In addition, I am the Governing Board President of the Central Alabama Regional Education
Inservice Center at Alabama State University. I served in this capacity for approximately two years and board member for several years.

I am passionate about education especially high-quality professional development and enjoy learning with students and colleagues.  I am excited to have the opportunity to get to know other colleagues in Alabama as well as other Learning Forward state presidents and board of directors to support their continuous professional growth.